Learn About Me

I am in love with Jesus!
I serve the ONE!
I have Holy Spirit living in me!
I am married to my love, Nelson.
I am "Mom" to our 4 kids.
I luv old things.
I live in an old house.
I hate cleaning.
I am a poultry farmer.
I luv spring and summer and autumn.
I could live without winter.
I am a business owner, Weathered Expressions.
I hate being cold.
I live in the country, and I like it that way.
I luv music; hymns to southern rock.
I have too many ideas in my head.
I want to go on more mission trips.
I sing with the worship team at my church.
I luv chocolate, peanut butter and ice cream.
I am a procrastinator.
I drink my coffee black.
I am not a pink and purple kind of girl.
I prefer working with power tools.
I don't like to read.
I luv swedish fish, gummy worms and PBcups.
I need to practice piano more often.
I should go to bed earlier...

Me, Hubs and all the peeps...November 2010